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Written for the write on project on the subject of boxes.

The Write On Project

Topic: Boxes

To think outside the box has long been used as a metaphor for thinking creatively, for looking further than the obvious. According to the fount of modern human knowledge, Wikipedia, it has its origins in the Disney Corporation of the sixties when their workforce were given the classic 9 point puzzle to solve.

The challenge being to draw a line though all nine points without lifting the pen from the paper. It can be done, but only if you draw beyond the invisible boundary set by the outer points.

It is an overused expression these days; I tend to groan when I hear earnest executives exhorting their sales people to greater effort by use of this tired old phrase. To think outside the box has become a modern cliché. But like all clichés there is a deeper truth concealed.

In the western world particularly we tend to live…

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